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Back in the spring of 2002, I was kicked out of college (financial reasons) and decided to move to Florida to live with my uncle Greg Snow. I worked two full-time jobs and a part time job to save enough money to return to school. During that time, I was exposed to a book called "The Pact." I read it over and over again. The story was about three young Black men from Newark, NJ who made a Pact with each other that they would become doctors. The men and their shared stories inspired me and changed the outcome of my life. After graduating from college, I decided to create my own Pact with two of my closest friends/fraternity brothers, Julian Magee and Taiwo Togun. Our Pact was to become doctors in our respective fields, and after completing the goal, write a book about it similar to the book that started it all! 


J. Branch & Associates

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