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Our Pact was established in 2006. I never thought I was capable of obtaining my doctorate, but I knew they were capable of completing their doctorates. Julian was the first to earn his doctorate from Alabama State University (Pact 1). Taiwo earned his doctorate from Yale University (Pact 2). I was the last to earn my doctorate from Auburn University (Pact 3), thus completing the Pact. It took a total of 16 years from the creation of the idea and dream to it becoming a reality. I am so thankful I picked up that book because it played a huge role in my ability to accomplish this major goal. We are truly blessed and I could not have asked for a better team to take this journey. 

The J’s (Jordan shoes) represent where I came from and pay homage to my culture. I did not value education and barely graduated from high school. In my mind at that time, the highest level of success and achievement was owning a pair of J's shoes. The Jordan 11’s came out in 1995. I wanted that exact pair, but could not afford them. The shoes were the only thing I worked hard to try to obtain. Years later, I was surrounded by so many individuals and mentors who saw the natural gifts and talents that I possessed, but could not see in myself. They encouraged, supported, and exposed me to things beyond just a pair of shoes. I bought the J's and now wear them as reminder to myself of how far I have come.

Stay tuned for the PACT3 book coming soon! In the meantime, see the link below to order the original "The Pact." 

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